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  DTN Weekly Average DDG Price Steady
  DTN Early Word Grains 01/22 06:01
  DTN Midday Grain Comments 01/22 10:59
  DTN Closing Grain Comments 01/22 13:50
  DTN Cattle Close/Trends 01/22 15:45
  DTN Early Word Opening Livestock 01/22 07:51
  DTN Midday Livestock Comments 01/22 11:55
  DTN Closing Livestock Comment 01/22 16:18
  DTN Chart Technical Points 01/22 16:30
  US Direct Feeder Pigs 01/13
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@C0H 389'0 1'2
@S0H 914'0 -2'2
@W0H 577'2 -3'6
@O0H 313'6 -1'4
MSFT 165.700000 - 0.800000
WMT 116.100000
XOM 67.190000

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  Corn      Chart #2 Grade      
  Soybeans      Chart January 31      
  Spring Wheat      Chart January 31      
  Canola      Chart January      
  Durum      Chart January      
  Feed Barley      Chart January      
Leeds   Delivery   Cash   Basis    
  Soybeans      Chart January      
  Spring Wheat      Chart January      
  Canola      Chart January      
  Durum      Chart January      
  Feed Barley      Chart January      
Price as of 01/22/20 06:20PM CST.
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